Skills: graphic design, Kombucha, Kefir, aquaponics, advanced composting, natural farming, permaculture, horticulture, electronic music production/sampling/beat-making, DIY MIDI controllers, and circuit-bending.
You can find some of my music at:
My Aquaponics Kindle on what NOT to do:
Some homemade electronics:… Read More

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Assorted Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Graphic Design

I have been doing fun projects and band flyers off-an-on for about a decade. I can teach you some basic principles of design, or help get you running with the software itself.

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Other Skills

Kombucha and Kefir Cultivation

Learn how to culture your own milk or fermented tea, or…



Learn the basics of Aquaponics and what NOT to do as a…


Skilled Composting

Learn composting techniques to recycle waste into…


Electronic Music Production

Learn how to make music in Ableton Live, or possibly any…


Custom MIDI Controller-Making

Learn how to use a pre-programmed chip, and/or a…


Turntablism (Scratch DJ'ing)

Learn a how to coordinate your "record hand" and "fader…


Bitcoin Basics Introduction

I can help you learn the basics of BTC including: what to…


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“Connor is a super bright individual with lots of knowledge concerning… Read More
on Custom MIDI Controller-Making

Dec 4, 2016 6:33 PM

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