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Memnagar, 09


I'm currently working at Harsha Engineers, Ahmedabad, India, which manufactures bearing cages, and is one of the top suppliers of many bearing manufacturers, including SKF, FAG and Timken. I joined as a trainee in March last year for handling the responsibility of product cost analysis, but have expanded my work domain to handle product development and engineering as well. Many mathematical… Read More

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Learn how to present ideas about topics in a well organised and easy to understand manner.

I started writing as a hobby in 2012, inspired by a friend who had been doing it since childhood. Since then, I've written and published numerous blog posts, articles and reviews through my own websites and blogs. I have a knack for finding the deepest of ideas and actions in the simplest of events that happen around me, and that makes me all the more efficient in expressing myself, since anything unusual I notice needs to reach the reader in a way such that s/he can visualize the event merely by reading my content. As a writing coach, I will be able to help others become more clear and concise in their expressions. They will be able to put themselves out there among other writers with a meticulous approach towards presentation, which will only improve with time and practice.

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School Level Math, including concepts of Mensuration,…


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“Varun is truly a multi-talented individual. He is very intelligent,… Read More
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Apr 17, 2017 7:06 PM

“Varun is a fantastic connection to have. He has a great personality and… Read More
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Feb 15, 2017 7:28 PM

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