Currently working on two writing projects:
1) An interdisciplinary cognitive training program for stroke caregivers and cognitive coaches.
2) Editing an 100,000 word ecological fairy tale.

Services Offered

edit wordpress site

I could review your site, proof read for errors and offer suggestions.

I have developed four wordpress sites.

Knowledge level


Other Skills


I can help you proof your writing and be a creative writing…


organize complex information

Help you create an outline for your project.


develop lesson plans

Turn training material into concrete lesson plans. Review…


teach journal writing workshops

Teach a journal writing technique.


online research

I can research any topic for you, quickly and efficiently.


tutor esl students in english

Help you proof your writing, assist you with grammar and…



Review your marketing strategies and materials and offer…


event planner

Help you prioritize your event and create a schedule and…


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