Thomas Jung

Portland, OR
I am full-stack engineer with over 25 years of experience building useful software. Whether it's the latest buzz in JavaScript, some help with that Python homework, explaining… Read More

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Skills Offered

Get started with the basics of the language or take your…
DIY home improvement
We'll fix it together and I'll show you how to use tools…
From basic Java syntax to generics, from NIO to lambda…
IKEA Furniture Assembly
Not only will you end up with a fully assembled piece of…
Bicycle/Bike Repair & Mechanics
In an hour, we'll fix whatever common issue you bike has and…
Autogenic Meditation
You'll walk away relaxed and refreshed, now in possession of…
Basic SQL, relational model and set comprehension, normal…
Survival Math
Balance a budget, understand compound interest, basic…

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