Tom Weis

Forest Hills, NY


Currently I am the Technical Director of Photography at LIU Brooklyn. Most weekends I photograph a wedding or bar/bat mitzvah, or some commercial work.

As a kid I started out with an Kodak 110 Instamatic (strange name - there was nothing “instant” about it) taking pictures of flowers when we lived in Riverside, California. Years later, armed with the Nikon 4004 & 50mm lens my father gave me, I… Read More

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In 1 hour: Camera exposure: shutter speed, aperture, ISO. Rationale for choosing exposure. Other camera settings: white balance, image, etc.

I have 20 years’ teaching experience. I’ve taught photography at Long Island University Brooklyn, the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan, and Ivy Tech State College as well as for some private students. I do love the tutoring experience and I feel I teach photography and related topics in a patient, clear manner. I'm a photographer with 24 years' experience shooting many different kinds of subjects; portraits, fashion, weddings, events, sports, product/still life, architecture, etc. Cheers! Tom * * * IG: tomweisphoto

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Other Skills

Flash / Lighting for Photography

In 1 hour: flash theory, basic physics of light, on camera &…


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