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Tampa, FL


Creative💃Juggler P/R Social Media Marketing branding /💖 for Design Instagram @JewelsbyJenniferDesign
Twitter @JewelzbyJen 1/17 Interview for Crowdfire's Podcast series on Soundcloud "Social media Influencers" by the wonderful @CaraFNParrish
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Successfully increase brand awareness traffic revenue across all Social media venues, via Apps, daily tasks, concepts , teachings.

I have been teaching social media marketing seminars locally in Tampa Florida for 3 years. I also consult for several businesses. I was recently interviewed by the app crowdfire for their social media influencers broadcast on SoundCloud and proud to say I am the top viewed podcast in the series of hundreds with over 5k views. I will teach YOU how to manage your accounts to successfully achieve your goals without the need of hiring out companies who charge outrageous fees monthly. I currently represent promoting A-list actors musicians artists and have helped people grow their business across all Industries, markets including real estate, the music industry, designers, sports teams apparel companies and many more.

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logo design

Create creative brand relative logos & more! It's not just…


Event Planning

How to fully create full-scale event organization and…

Hourly rate varies

Interior Design

I help create full design concepts. I have several years of…



painting clay calligraphy decoupage and more


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Mar 31, 2017 7:24 PM

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