Allyson Farr

Portland, OR


I am an artist, creator, yogi, intuitive bodyworker, and traveler. Currently on my first cross country road trip, I find myself in beautiful, albeit rainy, Portland Oregon. <3

Looking to share my passion for yoga by sharing its core basics in a playful and easy to understand format. For me, it was not until a teacher guided me to the experience of both maintaining solid alignment and truly… Read More

Services Offered

Yoga, Meditation & Pranayama

1-on-1 & small group assisted yoga practice. Alignment focused instruction for ALL LEVELS, plus meditation & breathing exercises.

- Certified yoga teacher, completed 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification - Intuitive Bodyworker, 4+ years - Licenced Esthetician, 8+ years 8+ years experience in an Aveda spa environment 10+ years experience in the hospitality industries

Knowledge level


Other Skills

Intuitive Bodywork

Learn to relax! Receive gentle Thai, Reiki and Yoga…


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