I am a Project Manager by trade with a degree in Interior Design, but more importantly my passions include minimalism, healthy living & budgeting!

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Setting up a basic budget, a plan to pay down debt, and creative ways to get more for less.

Last year I paid off a little over $17,000 in debt in 11 months making $40K. I learned to set up and follow a budget, cut expenses when necessary while still maintaining a high quality of life!

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Meal Prep & Planning

Writing out a meal plan and recipes for the week. How to get…



How to set up and start tracking calories/macros for weight…


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“Jess was really helpful with my budget planning! Her advice on… Read More
on Budgeting

Feb 15, 2017 7:28 PM

“I have worked with Jess and highly recommend booking a session.”
on Budgeting

Feb 15, 2017 0:49 AM

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