I am currently a design student at Savannah College of Art and Design. I previously worked and studied in the health sciences for several years and taught ESL abroad in Spain.

I love making things, learning new things and problem solving especially when it helps others. Music & creating feed a great deal of my soul. I hope to found my own company one day combing my interests to make unique… Read More

Services Offered

Spanish and Polish Translation

Speaking Practice, Written or Oral Translations between both…

Hourly rate varies


Basic photoshop and or photography techniques. Editing and…

Hourly rate varies


To cook most anything you want to learn to make:).Your…

Hourly rate varies

Painting and Drawing

To draw themselves or someone they love. The basics behind a…

Hourly rate varies

Custom Room/Apartment Design

How to plan out and design the design of a room or apartment…

Hourly rate varies

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