My mission is to empower you to live with self-love, peace, and authenticity. I hold a BA in psychology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and a 200 hr RYT certification from Yoyoyogi. I'm also the founder of

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Content Marketing and Blogging

I can coach new and experienced bloggers, thought leaders, and organizations to craft a content marketing plan and generate 50+ blog titles.

I've spent 5+ years learning how to write revenue generating articles for venture capital start-ups, thought leaders and high traffic news websites. As a regular contributor on the Huffington Post, I know the secret sauce to write and promote content that connects with niche audiences and goes viral amongst social media networks.

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Aspiring and regular yogis can discover how to use correct…


Become a Friend Magnet

Walk away with actionable social skills to make friends &…


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How to Use My Dell computer
I got a new Dell computer and I feel so illiterate using it. Help me!
Can pay: $15

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“Max has a great instinct for content marketing. He is a go-getter who… Read More
on Content Marketing and Blogging

Dec 6, 2016 1:55 AM

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