Alyssa Rosello

New York City, NY


I am currently a culinary student based in New York City. I am learning the professional techniques of cooking/baking/food however I have been involved with it for years. I have built up the skills and knowledge of food to understand it better. Over the years I have always immersed myself in food with constant research and practice. I have a huge passion for it and love getting others involved! It… Read More

Services Offered

Marketing/Social Media

How to use the different platforms and how to target a specific audience with posts and wording.

As someone who grew up in the age of the social media burst, I am very familiar with all the platforms. I have used them to market myself and brands I have worked for. I am also very on top of the media industry so am aware of what's new and trending.

Knowledge level


Other Skills


The basics of cooking methods (sautéing, grilling etc) and…



The basic color changing and editing techniques. How to move…


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