I'm a Sr. Remote Specialist at a security company where I've worked for 10+ years. My hobbies are widespread, including but not limited to: table tennis, kite flying, walking my dogs, photography, radio controlled cars, computers (gaming, building and troubleshooting). Classical music and playing the piano is another one of the things I love to do. My education includes high school in Holland and… Read More

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How to work your digital camera, choose the best settings, transfer files to your computer. Also information about composition and editing.

Photography has been my hobby ever since my dad gave me my first fully-manual camera. I'm a member of the Emerald Photographic Society, have done senior portraits and wedding photography as well. I'm proficient with Lightroom and Photoshop.

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Explain the basics of table tennis, forehand and backhand,…


Radio controlled cars

I can help you build an RC car, troubleshoot issues, show…


Kite flying

I can show you how to fly a kite... any kite! Single string…


Dutch language

I can help you understand the Dutch basics, reading/writing/…


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