Dominic Soranno

Seattle, WA


I am a freelance writer and activist on educational issues who currently has free time on his hands. I find that whatever city I'm in, tutoring is a rewarding part-time activity.

Services Offered

Mathematics K-12

In one hour, I can cover approximately 1 week worth of high school course material or 2 weeks of elementary/middle school material.

Ace student who scored perfectly on AP calculus AB and BC exams, and the math sections of the SAT and ACT. Hundreds of hours tutoring experience, in both paid and volunteer work. I can teach to tests, textbooks, or abstractly. My approach is friendly, nurturing and nonjudgmental.

Knowledge level


Other Skills

Chemistry AP

I can cover approximately one week of course material per…


Biology AP

I can cover approximately 1 week of coursework per hour.…


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