John Thomas Connor

Chicago, IL


Howdy! I'm the head of product at HelpWith. Let me know what you think of the site. Primarily interested in working with the intersections of community, philosophy, and technology, I enjoy using digital design and cultural analysis to help people communicate messages!

Services Offered

I can help you set up or customize a responsive website to…
I can teach you how to quickly and elegantly style a…
User Experience
I can help you optimize the experience flow of your business…
Web design
Learn how to structure the design of a basic web site
debate tutor
I can teach you how to effectively dissect arguments and…
Product Strategy
I can help you evaluate feature planning and product-market…

Gigs Posted

Web Copy
I need help with reviewing the copy on my website to ensure clarity and optimal… Read More
Can pay: $25
Campus Marketing
I need help strategizing around user growth at Reed college, for my startup.
Can pay: $25
acro/partner yoga
I would like a 60 minute lesson on acroyoga positions and how I can do them with… Read More
Can pay: $30
Flyer Design
I need help designing a small flyer to hand out and promote my company. I have… Read More
Can pay: $25
I'm building an application in meteor JS and would like to review some of the… Read More
Can pay: $30
I would like help setting up the foundations of a SASS css based website.
Can pay: $30

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