I am currently the director of technology for The Mighty Guild and a freelance Solutions Architect and Software Engineer. While moonlighting as a teacher for Debug Academy.

I'm also director of a online retailer.

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Services Offered

technical strategy

That depends on how far along you are in your efforts. I can…



Assess your goal and provide an estimate.



Setup a instance on Pantheon. Review your goals and provide…


Business Analysis

Conduct an interview, assess goals, determine scope, provide…


technical mentor

Discuss the topic that they wish to learn, agree on an…


Technical Problem Solving

identify goals of the business discuss how technology could…

Hourly rate varies

Ecommerce Strategy and Logistics

Discuss their goals, budget required, and help to set…

Hourly rate varies

Gigs Posted

.NET C# Programming
I'm trying to track down at least one .NET developer in the Portland, Oregon… Read More
Can pay: $60
Business Development
15% commission --

The Mighty Guild is a consulting… Read More
Can pay: $1000
Technical Project Manager

Looking for freelance technical project managers… Read More
Can pay: $45
Solutions Architect

Looking for freelance WordPress and Drupal… Read More
Can pay: $65

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