Anita Williams Weinberg

Seattle, WA


I’m a Content Director with more than 25 years of experience as a business communicator. My background includes content strategy, copy development, marketing and project management, public relations, strategic planning, and ninja vegan muffin baking. I have a passion for helping small business owners succeed, and more hands-on experience than you can shake a stick at. But please don’t shake a… Read More

Services Offered

Web Content

1) Design a basic content map; or 2) develop a page of SEO copy that rocks; or 3) write killer headlines that make people want to read more

I've created web copy for brands like Microsoft, Alaska Airlines, Coke, and BECU.

Knowledge level


Other Skills

Marketing copywriting

Give me an hour, and I can help you write copy that gets…


Social media

1) Learn how to write for FB, Twitter, and Instagram; or 2)…


Content marketing

1) What type of content marketing is right for you; or 2)…


Case studies

1) How to write a customer success story that someone will…


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