Anita Williams Weinberg

Seattle, WA


I’m a Content Director with more than 25 years of experience as a business communicator. My background includes content strategy, copy development, marketing and project management, public relations, strategic planning, and ninja vegan muffin baking. I have a passion for helping small business owners succeed, and more hands-on experience than you can shake a stick at. But please don’t shake a… Read More

Services Offered

Marketing copywriting

Give me an hour, and I can help you write copy that gets noticed—and gets results. Learn to write for web, social, content marketing, + more

I’ve got 25+ years of success writing for smallbiz, start-ups, and behemoth global brands. My background spans technology, non-profit, financial services, publishing, fine art, entertainment, telecom, healthcare and fitness, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, education, and consumer products.

Knowledge level


Other Skills

Web Content

1) Design a basic content map; or 2) develop a page of SEO…


Social media

1) Learn how to write for FB, Twitter, and Instagram; or 2)…


Content marketing

1) What type of content marketing is right for you; or 2)…


Case studies

1) How to write a customer success story that someone will…


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