I'm a professional Musician with a very healthy side interest in all things creatively digital - I've been a Flash developer, a video editor, a photographer, a sound man - I've worked on big brands such as HBO and History Channel - made Music and SFX for top selling iPhone games and I'm a great party DJ.

I currently teach Music in the New York.

I have a bachelors degree in Music and can teach… Read More

Services Offered


I can show you how to compose a shot and how to be more aware of light.

I've been taking pictures or 31 years - starting with a Practica MTL50 35mm old school SLR right up to today's DSLRs - the basics however remain the same - light and composition make a picture and I can show you how to make the best of both.

Knowledge level


Other Skills


Basic Rock n Roll!


Guitar Playing

In an hour you can learn how to play a song :)


Logic Studio Pro

The basics of recording, mixing or mastering.


Ableton Live

Recording, looping, warping, DJ'ing.. this is a great piece…


Bass Playing

I can make you feel that vibe that will have you coming back…


Adobe Premiere

How to edit a video.


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