Matt Almeida

Portland, OR


I'm interested to see how this site grows and the community it may build from it's users. I'd love to offer my skills creating or teaching individuals, rather than just anonymously attempting to contribute a random audience or end user.

I feel like I have taken a unique path to learn most of my skills and with some experience teaching I believe I have a variety of ways I can help people… Read More

Services Offered

Web services in Dropwizard

I could show someone how to plan and get started on a project utilizing Dropwizard's framework

My company's microservice infrastructure is constructed around Dropwizard so most of the projects I participate in and contribute to use this framework

Knowledge level

Hourly rate varies

Other Skills


Programming fundamentals or Java specific skills geared…

Hourly rate varies

AWS development

I can help them navigate much of the UI or show best…

Hourly rate varies

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