I'm a lifelong artist and painter. I'm a guitar teacher of 20 years. I love to learn and teach maths. Currently I'm investing in front end development skills to help get my artwork out there more effectively, and help others do the same.

Services Offered

Music Theory
I can help you get what you want out of Western Music…
I can show you how to apply the theory you've been learning…
Audio Engineering
I can teach you the basics of capturing sound both digitally…
Algebra I
I could teach you how to solve quadratic equations.
Guitar Tech
I can teach you to adjust the truss rod and action on your…
Canvas Building
Learn to build a canvas from cutting your own wood to…
Algebra II
Learn about determinants, matrices, and any other subject in…
Learn about infinite series, the distance formula, and any…
Tradional Painting With Acrylics
We'll go through the basics of creating a traditional…
Learn about classes, IDs, and the language of design.
Learn the basics of HTML implementation in modern websites.
Learn how to install Wordpress on your sites and install…
Website Migration
I could teach you how to migrate your site from one domain…
Learn new strategies to get better gigs with better…
Hourly rate varies

Gigs Posted

I'd like to consult with someone who is an expert in branding. I'd like to run… Read More
Can pay: $30
I learn to layer and manipulate the shapes of polygons in CSS.
Can pay: $30

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