Katie B

Seattle, WA


I am an adventurous, kind, and positive young woman. I'm very extroverted and enjoy many different things. I ran my own small restaurant at 25 and survived a head-on motorcycle collision at 27. At 30, I've moved from my home state NC to Alaska to Washington in less than a year. Oh, and I also just made an epic 3-week motorcycle journey across the US.
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Pronunciation Practice Making / Working with Flash Cards Having conversations

I studied in high school for three years and college for two. I learned through a 3-week immersion stay in Mexico and a 2-week study abroad trip to Argentina. I'm an intermediate level, but am rusty. I am confident that I could help others learn beginner's Spanish. I enjoy the language. I tutored a ninth-grader in Introductory Spanish, and my favorite part was learning my student. Every person learns differently, and I love figuring out what specifically is needed for each one.

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