Matthew Andrews

Portland, OR


I am currently working with several musical groups. By day, I work with Mount Hood Community College's music department as an ensemble and solo percussionist, specializing in vibraphone and orchestration. By night, I play drum set with a surf/punk/Americana group and am preparing to produce our first LP. I spend the rest of my time producing and recording my own compositions.

Services Offered

Spanish Verbs

Using three common verbs, learn the logic of how verb conjugation shows *who* is doing *what*, *when*.

Spanish in High School, Spanish at work in Los Angeles, Spanish at work in Portland, minored in Spanish at PSU.

Knowledge level

Hourly rate varies

Other Skills

Music Notation

Basic musical notation (black dots on lines, jazz/rock chord…

Hourly rate varies

Chord Theory

Basic common chord progressions (I-IV-I-V, ii-V-I,…

Hourly rate varies

Odd meters

Count and play 5/4 and 7/8. These frequently used meters…

Hourly rate varies

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