Nicole Lyn Quackenbush-Remsburg

Harrisburg, PA


I am actively involved in anything "business"...from marketing research prior to your start up to a well established business, CHANGE IS GOOD & can ultimately drive your BOTTOM LINE! What I DELIVER TO YOU a strong business acumen! SERVICES: business & strategic planning, business development, marketing via all channels with analytics & ROI, the customer "journey", HR, policies and… Read More

Services Offered

strategic marketing business dev

NEEDS assesment for your business whether: Re-Org, Strategic Planning, Marketing, Business Planning & Development. and/or Solufions.

I am your one-stop "shop" for your business or non-profit. Innate business acumen with over 15 yrs of Executive Level Experience, Marketing via all channels, Business Development, National, Local and business specific Strategic Planning, Development of Policies & Procedures, Leadership Development & Training.

Knowledge level

Hourly rate varies

Other Skills

content marketing

Learn the best channels to repurpose your organic content to…


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