Kastania Rasmussen

Portland, OR


I am a yoga instructor and graduate student here in Portland with a passion for body-positive activism and awareness for health at every size. I am currently finishing my master's degree in holistic nutrition and am most passionate about supporting others not only in realizing desired changes, but in reclaiming their right to love themselves as they are. Yes, let's make sustainable change together… Read More

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Nutrition counseling

What you eat, how you eat and what you tell yourself about it shape your success at desired changes. I can help you understand this matrix.

I am currently completing my degree in holistic nutrition and the National University of Natural Medicine. Fascination with my own food story - ie why and when I eat certain foods - has led me down a path of personal healing in both body and mind. This path led me to want to help empower others in realms of health and nutrition, leading me to create and teach nutrition workshops for children and adults, lead group detoxification cleanses here in Portland, and continue my own education to focus on food relationship coaching. I can provide nutritional guidance and support for special diets and/or medical conditions, facilitate a mindful and intuitive eating practice, help you to plan out a healthy and delicious menu, provide education about nutrition, provide the necessary support you need to make the diet changes you want/need to, and/or facilitate your exploration of your relationship with food. Let's eat to nourish, heal, and celebrate.

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“I have worked with Kastania and highly recommend booking a… Read More
on Nutrition counseling

Jul 19, 2017 3:33 PM

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