Nick Bucheleres

Portland, OR
I am a data scientist and web developer in Portland who loves math, outer-space/quantum mechanics, cooking, and machine learning.

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Skills Offered

Learn how to calculate the area of geometric shapes,…
Learn how to create interactive UI with jQuery, set up a…
We will cook vegetarian and vegan dishes that are good for…
disc golf
We can go over driving, mid range tosses, and putting on…
We can cover ground strokes, in order to develop proper…
We can build Neural Networks, k-Nearest Neighbor, or Support…
I can show you how extract meaningful insights from large…

Help Requested

I want to pair program with a TensorFlow developer to unlock more features of… Read More
Can pay: $60
I want to make an animated cartoon
Can pay: $27
Years ago I played guitar, so I know basics, but I want to learn clawhammer and… Read More
Can pay: $20
I need to learn how to parse sketch files from my designer
Can pay: $24

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