Samantha K

Portland, OR


I am a student currently studying health and psychology, but I have a wide range of skills, both academic and creative. I have worked previously giving lessons and tutoring, and have been told I am a very good teacher. I am friendly and outgoing.

Services Offered


Depends on your level. Could teach you basic phrases, or more advanced verb conjugations.

I grew up in Southern Arizona, and was exposed early-on to the language. I took the equivalent of six years of formal education in Spanish (it was really about four and a half, I was able to take a summer course and skip almost two years). Academically, I scored a 5 (the highest possible score) on the Advanced Placement test for Spanish Language and Composition. I am able to hold casual conversations with native speakers.

Knowledge level


Other Skills


Lean basic piano skills-how to read notes, finger keys,…



How to use your tools, basic stitches, how to follow…



Basic stitches, how to follow patterns, essentially what you…



Basic strokes, how to stay afloat, exercises to improve…


synchronized swimming

Basic moves and strokes, as well as exercises to strengthen…



Any subject at just about any level-let me know what you…


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