Jessica Lipman

Portland, OR
I'm a digital marketer who's passionate about innovation, process optimization, content development, branding and purpose. I also love healing my body, mind and spirit. Throughout… Read More

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Skills Offered

Mindfulness Meditation
Learn mindfulness meditation techniques to support stress…
Learn the basics on producing short documentary, news and…
Documentary Interviews
Learn how to conduct a killer interview for doc/news…
Healthy Relationships
Learn how to heal dysfunctional relationships, renew bonds…
Purpose-Driven Branding
Learn how to bring purpose into the center of your business…
I'll tell you how to be a lifeguard.

Help Requested

I'd like to learn Photoshop. I would like to get to intermediate level. I work… Read More
Can pay: $30
Interior Design/Decorating
I'd love for you to review my apartment and give suggestions as to how you'd… Read More
Can pay: $25
Financial Planning
I'd like support in developing and implementing realistic financial goals and… Read More
Can pay: $40
I want to learn acroyoga - basics and all!
Can pay: $30
I'd like to make sure that I have good form in my postures, as well as to learn… Read More
Can pay: $32

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