Alan Sato

Seattle, WA


I am citizen of the world interested in all cultures, regionalisms, foods, languages. Currently, I have 3 languages under my belt, French, Portuguese, English, and aural comprehension of Japanese and Spanish. Otherwise, I've been a sous-chef in a michelin-reviewed restaurant in NYC, a bike-messenger, a bar-tender in a speak-easy in Manhattan, among other jobs. I have also played trumpet for over… Read More

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I will design an individualized program for you and we'll work on pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and syntax on an ongoing basis.

Spent two years in France studying French philosophy and art theory at one of the most prestigious higher-education institutes in France, the University of Paris 3 (the Sorbonne). My vocabulary comes from both the books and the streets, giving students the ability to interact with natives from all tiers of society.

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We'll start from the basics and move onward according to…



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