Kristin Van Bodegraven

Seattle, WA


Hi! I like the things we all do: travel, food, music, the Pina Colada song...My careers in the entertainment and culinary industries are hard and fun. I enjoy theater, music, and of course food! In my free time, I make travel plans, start yoga for the 8th time, write, coerce friends into coming for dinner, write, laugh, COOK! Last night braised chicken in bean & sausage gravy...tonight doro… Read More

Services Offered

Kitchen Diva

Introduction to basic kitchen skills, weekly meal…


Beginners chese making.

Learn some of your basic fresh cheeses, like mozz, ricotta,…


Basic Canning

In 1 hour, learn to can jams, compotes pickles, candied…


Gigs Posted

help promoting and publishing
Can pay: $30
rock and roll
join a band
Can pay: $25

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