Chloe Steinhoff-Smith

Portland, OR


I can help you learn how to think like a designer, as well as the technical skills you'll need to bring your ideas to life.

I'm a designer with 10 years of experience creating brands, designing websites, and building user
interfaces for a variety of clients. I currently run my own design studio and am working on creating a platform that connects agencies and other clients to Portland-area… Read More

Services Offered


Learn how to design a simple logo or graphic in illustrator.

I have been using Illustrator consistently and professionally for 10+ years. I have used Illustrator for logos, layout, web design, and illustrations.

Knowledge level


Other Skills

Web Design

Learn how to design a simple landing page.


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“Chloe is a very talented designer who is doing amazing work in the… Read More
on illustrator

Apr 20, 2017 6:23 AM

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