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Portland, OR


My passion is helping companies develop online marketing strategies to effectively build awareness, optimize channels, and delight followers, friends, and customers. Hedge away from making my experience larger than it is, I'm a hands on person looking forward to working with project oriented companies who need a technology driven, creative Inbound Marketing, Project Management professional on… Read More

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Choose a theme, Upload photos, get Wordfence security, Google analytics, Share Buttons, Build a page, post a Blog, Install WooCommerce,

I've been building wordpress sites since 2012. Most recently, I developed an e-Commerce platform via WooCommerce. Spotlight Around Town is my company and the new site is still under construction. You may view the beginning of an entirely new effort at I've also helped people build on Shopify, and Godaddy's Online Store interface.

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Social Media Marketing

Build an account, Tips and Tricks, Terms, Post a Status…



Learn to use action words that catch eyes, how to optimize…


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Help writing code.
Can pay: $5

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