Alexandar Castaneda

Beaverton, OR


Storyteller & techie

Services Offered


Learn how to design a flyer or business card.



Plot/outline your story, create believable characters, story…



Beatmatching, phrasing, transitioning, song selection,…


edm music production in ableton

Teach you the basics of song structure, the basic layout of…



How to make a simple responsive web page in HTML and style…



Warm up techniques, character analysis, stage and film…



Screenplay, production planning


Gigs Posted

Coding Technical Interview
I need help prepping for whiteboard, phone and other technical coding interviews… Read More
Can pay: $10
IOS Swift coding
Need help/tutoring with a iOS project written in swift
Can pay: $10

Member References

“I have worked with Alexandar and highly recommend booking a… Read More
on html/css

Jan 15, 2017 0:59 AM

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