Michkael Baker

Portland, OR


I am currently working on launching a podcast series and web site at thecacoon.com. The CACOON is a community development and innovation platform that joins together local communities and innovators to develop new businesses, technologies and social systems that benefit humanity.

Services Offered


Provide you with the tools and knowledge to support your own marketing campaings and ideas currently and in the future.

My experience in marketing and promotions is vast. As a Creative and Art Director of my media and innovation companies I have utilized many levels of messaging for very different clients and businesses. I can help you find solutions on any budget that will allow for strategic growth and planning while maintaining an organic approach that allows you to retain a unique identity with your vision and brand.

Knowledge level


Other Skills

life coaching

Help you unblock areas in your life/business & give you the…


start up development

Have an idea for a business/ product/service? I can help you…


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