Liz Keatings

Chicago, IL


I have done everything from back-end web development to bookkeeping. I am always looking for innovative ways to tackle problems that businesses face daily. I also enjoy front-end web development, SEO, blogging, UI design, photography, social media marketing, e-book development, and helping people monetize their existing projects.

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Learn How to custom style a website to fit your brand!

I have 3 years of web and software development experience. I have created tools and sites for businesses, tutored new programmers, and served as a consultant for people wanting to market and monetize their websites.

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Learn about infinite series, the distance formula, and any…


Web Design

I can help you redesign your site.


Gigs Posted

I need help constructing an effective pitch for my photography startup.
Can pay: $50

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“Liz is a great digital design consultant. She has helped me with numerous… Read More
on css

Dec 12, 2016 7:26 AM

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