Ryan Coney

Beaverton, OR


Hello, my name is Ryan Coney. I am a California native who has moved to the Portland area to pursue my passions, those of art and literature. I seek to find a community of like-minded individuals to help facilitate cultural and artistic progress, and to provide a catalyst within the Portland scene to expose all of the wonderful opportunities it has to offer. A dream is but a dream, a dream shared… Read More

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Academic Writing

How to organize the focal points of a given topic or assignment in order to develop a more cohesive writing workflow.

I have been a professional freelance academic writer and consultant for the past three years, and have written countless essays both academic and recreational for over a decade. Writing is a strong passion of mine and I love to take any opportunity to share my experience with those seeking to broaden their own literary abilities.

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Music Tutor

Help you expand your knowledge of music theory or give you…


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“Ryan is one hell of a bassist. Learn music theory and technique from the… Read More
on Music Tutor

Dec 18, 2016 8:04 PM

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