Kristopher-Ryan Watson

Metro Manila, National Capital Region


Hello !

My name is Kristopher Ryan. I am a digital communications professional with over 8 years experience in digital marketing, communications and strategy, branding, and cloud based solutions.

Additional high-level skills are in the field of web development project management, web design/development on the Wordpress platform, copywriting and content strategy for social, lead generation for… Read More

Services Offered


installation, maintenance and effective optimization

i have been working on the wordpress platform for 4 years. I have helped build, manage and maintain over 100 websites for high-end professionals and local bloggers.

Knowledge level


Other Skills

Facebook Ads

I can conceptualize and execute sucessful ad campaigns to…


Digital Marketing and Campaigns

social media account management and marketing campaigns to…


email marketing campaigns

I can help build a list of prospects for your service or…


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