Colin Starker

Portland, OR


I am a student at the Portland Community College and am working on a Mechanical Engineering degree that will be fi finished at the Oregon State University. My primary goal right now is my own education and getting started on internships for my future career. I have been playing the clarinet and in concert and jazz bands since middle school and I am expanding my interests in music and into other… Read More

Services Offered

Math Tutoring

Build confidence before an exam and find a way of approaching a tough problem in a way your teacher hasn't shown you.

I have taken advanced placement math courses in highschool and most of the upper level math classes offered at my community college. I can confidently help with math up to advanced calculus.

Knowledge level


Other Skills

Computer Building

Instead of paying an arm and a leg for features you don't…


History Tutor

Wrap your head around the key events of an era and get over…


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