Deanna Huntley

Portland, OR


I am a financial analyst and have a love for yoga and paddle boarding on the side. I used to teach yoga. If I was to return to teaching it would be in the area of yoga therapy. I enjoy catering to specific needs whether it is a limitation in the body, or enhancing where one as it mentally. I strongly believe in yoga to ease anixiety, depression, increase focus, get to a meditative state, make… Read More

Services Offered

Yoga session

Basic yoga and meditation

I went through my 200 hr yoga teacher training and taught through Street Yoga and Living Yoga for 2 years

Knowledge level


Other Skills

Small Claims advice

Help someone prepare forms and navigate through small claims…


Gigs Posted

Changing electrical sockets
I bought all new faceplates and electrical sockets. I changed some out long… Read More
Can pay: $25

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