I'm a native of Seattle with over 20 yrs experience in management, bookkeeping/accounting, professional/creative writing & entertainment. At this point, consider me a business/office/numbers guru, who never fears hard/dirty work either. Flexibility, cooperation and synergy ensure that I stay a valuable independent who champions projects and anticipates the needs of business or personal matters… Read More

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Professional Resume, Letter, Creative Writing General OR Basic Bookkeeping/Office, Tax Setup & Organization/Filing, Renovation, Etc.

I'm an independent manager for an attorney & an investor on a regular basis, having 20+ yrs experience in my field with various industries from government, retail, manufacturing to medical and entertainment. I am truly innovative, resourceful and wise in my approach, no matter the project or whom it is for. You can trust me with sensitive and complicated business or writing needs; I'll set you up pretty & set you free in style!

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1) Basic Astrology (Categories/Planets/Natal Chart Analysis)…



General Gardening/Plant Care & Grow Techniques OR General…



Remember, that an objective ear and gentle honest opinion or…


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