Hanna Morrell

Winston Salem, NC


I help people move from financial insecurity to financial independence.

Very often I find that the only thing between where people are with their finances (unsure of their future, self-worth affected by their bottom-line, living beyond their means) and where they want to be (secure in their planning, able to handle emergencies) is knowledge.

That magical tipping point in learning is… Read More

Services Offered

personal finance counseling

I help with savings, understanding financial terms, debt…

Hourly rate varies


Beginner yarn/hook hand position, magic circle, granny…

Hourly rate varies

Gigs Posted

My career will change dramatically for the better if I can beat down my fear of… Read More
Can trade: Financial Literacy And/or crochet lessons

Member References

“Hanna was an excellent teacher. I would highly recommend booking a… Read More
on personal finance counseling

Feb 24, 2017 9:41 PM

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