Miranda Hale

Seattle, WA


Writer and editor. Writing teacher/tutor/consultant. Rhetorician. Lover of language and persuasion. Let's work together :)



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Working on a writing assignment/project & need help with editing/proofreading/revision? I can help :) (via Skype/Slack/Email- your choice)

I'm a highly experienced (and very friendly) writing teacher/tutor/consultant who has helped many students/clients with a wide variety of writing projects, including academic writing (papers, essays, etc.), business writing/writing done for work, copywriting, resumes/cover letters, & non-fiction writing of all kinds. Carefully and patiently working on-on-one with students on their paper/essay drafts was one of my primary tasks (and specialities) during my time as a college-level writing instructor, and as writing tutor/consultant, I've assisted many students/clients in the same way. In addition to my academic expertise and experience (M.A. in English, 10+ years teaching college writing, etc.), I'm also a professional copywriter and business writer, and am experienced with non-fiction writing of all kinds, both as a writer and as an editor. I'll help strengthen and improve what you've already written. In the process of doing so, I'll not only provide you with suggestions and information on what needs to be changed/revised, but also explain how to change/revise it, and, most importantly, explain *why* it's important to do so. This will help you to grow as a writer and and as an editor of your own writing, which will make the process of writing your future first drafts easier and less time-consuming. We can work together on a regular basis, on just one assignment or project, or whenever you find that you need some help with what you've written. What I'll help you with: proofreading, copy editing, structure, clarity, grammar, formatting, style, adherence to the assignment or project's directions (if applicable), suggestions/directions on where to find research/evidence to support what you've written (if needed), etc.

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