Vinny Champeau

Green Bay, WI


I currently run and develop my own English tutoring website: It's a guided self-study program based on the study habits of polyglots. The website is a web-based "textbook" that teaches you, IN DETAIL, how to study English like polyglot.

My tutoring service consists of reviewing students' SRS (spaced-repetition-software) databases and online notebooks and creating digital… Read More

Services Offered

teaching english

I can make you believe that you really can learn English if…



Show you what your language learning flashcards should look…



Bust some huge myths about learning languages and get you…


Gigs Posted

review and feedback
I need to increase the user-base of my flashcard system and collect feedback.… Read More
Requesting a favor
I am looking for a bilingual person to help with the marketing of a new online… Read More
Can pay: $15
I need somebody to develop an add-on for the flashcard application Anki. I have… Read More
Can pay: $15

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