Tyler Phillipi

Portland, OR


I joined my first technology startup as an intern (employee #28) and have been the founder or early employee for startups ever since. I am serial entrepreneur, a prolific networker, community builder, and love public speaking. I currently contract with businesses and founders, helping them tell their story. I am also building a conference for startup founders that helps them with a number of… Read More

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Pitching / Public Speaking

We will breakdown a pitch, focusing on the introduction and problem statement then apply the method outlined to your own pitch or example.

I have been pitching to secure co-founders, sign customers, and raise money for nearly 10 years. This has helped form and launch my own companies and those of companies I have contracted for. I have won multiple pitch competitions, presented at tech conferences, and pitched investors more times than I can count. I have been an active mentor and pitch coach to a number of companies as well as host Portland's largest monthly meetup called NewTech PDX where 5 different tech companies pitch to a crowd of 150+.

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“Tyler hosts the best tech events in Portland and has great insight on… Read More
on Pitching / Public Speaking

Dec 29, 2016 5:44 PM

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