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Los Altos, California


Juan Felipe Campos, “Juannikin”, is a San Francisco-based growth hacker and CEO of travel tech startup NomadApp.co . Along with a great team, he currently runs the largest growth hacking group in Silicon Valley. Join here>> hustle.link/fbgroup

An entrepreneur by nature, Juan started his first business out of high school and led over 100 projects with more than 40 contractors for companies like… Read More

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Growth Hacking

Learn how to make Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook accounts explode with engagement.

- I run the largest growth hacking community in Silicon Valley - Got accepted into the accelerator that Dropbox and Paypal came from and worked with JetBlue, Lufthansa Airlines, and more. - Beat Kickstarter by +40% with growth-hacking strategies. - Directed and produced videos with millions of views. (ex. https://youtu.be/dqwgM3G96YM) - Led marketing campaigns for businesses in the +$65MM range - Serve part time as CMO for Greenovate Construction. Have ramped our sales to meet $3MM this year using Instagram and Facebook. - Marketing Advisor (with equity) to UK-based Launchorb and Amomento.io

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I'm looking for a programming tutor who can help me learn React Native from… Read More
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“Juan gave me a crash course in growth hacking. I made one small change in… Read More
on Growth Hacking

Mar 3, 2017 10:01 AM

“Juan is a Growth Hacking expert. He clearly understands the strategy,… Read More
on Growth Hacking

Feb 16, 2017 2:46 AM

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