Suzanne Uiterwijk

München, BY


I am a freelance Social Media Manager and Designer, travelling the world. I am the Founder of Work and Travel Muse, a platform to inspire and help you travel the world on any budget.

After 4 years as a Digital Designer and having completed a degree in digital marketing, I decided to try something a little different. I still wanted to be creative and I was curious about using social media for… Read More

Services Offered


Social Media Management

I am a Social Media Manager and Designer. I can schedule regular content to your social media channels at optimal times. With my design experience, I can also design engaging social media graphics for your audience.

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I can give you tips and advice on how to travel the world…



Design Social Media Graphics


Social Media

Facebook Social Media Audit



Design a marketing email using MailChimp or similar provider


Gigs Posted

Facebook Ads
Hello, I would love to learn more about creating effective Facebook Ads.… Read More
Can pay: $15

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