I'm a Whatever and I will do whatever. I enjoy couch-tasting cocktails, costumes that horrify, y a cacaphony of complicatedc words letters and sounds. I will make, say or do, anything.

Services Offered


How to deal With layers

Playing with photoshop, gimp and other similar programs forever

Knowledge level


Other Skills

Latex Masks

how to make a mask using latex


Using Open Office

How to download and begin using


Clothes repair

Fix a rip, put on a button


Shoe repair

How to repair a broken heel



How to set up your new sewing machine


Gigs Posted

resume building
Would love a person to tell me how to improve my resume and… Read More
Can pay: $15
I want to know more about the processes that make dyeing happen, am happy to… Read More
Can pay: $10
Would love to learn more about the production of latex.
Can pay: $10
Making a basic website
Can pay: $10

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