I'm a Whatever and I will do whatever. I enjoy couch-tasting cocktails, costumes that horrify, y a cacaphony of complicatedc words letters and sounds. I will make, say or do, anything.

Services Offered

Latex Masks

how to make a mask using latex


Using Open Office

How to download and begin using


Clothes repair

Fix a rip, put on a button


Shoe repair

How to repair a broken heel



How to set up your new sewing machine



How to deal With layers


Gigs Posted

resume building
Would love a person to tell me how to improve my resume and… Read More
Can pay: $15
I want to know more about the processes that make dyeing happen, am happy to… Read More
Can pay: $10
Would love to learn more about the production of latex.
Can pay: $10
Making a basic website
Can pay: $10

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