Suzanne Scacca

Newark, DE


Before I was a writer and tutor, I worked as a project and content manager for a boutique marketing agency. When you work for startup companies, however, job titles don't really end up meaning much so I ended up having my hands in every single pie, including:
- Brainstorming
- Outlining and resource gathering
- Writing
- Proofreading
- Content management system management (WordPress)
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Services Offered


Brainstorming new topics. Outlining and preparing content for creation. Writing killer content. Editing best practices. SEO.

My name is Suzanne and I am a ghostwriter, specializing in the education of business owners and entrepreneurs on marketing, technology, and other business improvement topics. While that may not sound so exciting, I do have a unique perspective from which I write. In addition to writing professionally for a few years, I was previously employed in a variety of roles, for a whole lot of companies, large, small, on-site, and remotely. Having experienced and shaped the inner workings of these companies over the last two decades, I'm an expert in efficiency, productivity, and control--characteristics that I believe are essential to the writing process. I also have a degree in Foreign Languages and Linguistics, so I've been working with the written (and spoken) word for almost two decades.

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