Suzanne Scacca

Newark, DE


Before I was a writer and tutor, I worked as a project and content manager for a boutique marketing agency. When you work for startup companies, however, job titles don't really end up meaning much so I ended up having my hands in every single pie, including:
- Brainstorming
- Outlining and resource gathering
- Writing
- Proofreading
- Content management system management (WordPress)
- Social… Read More

Services Offered


Set up a new website. Learn the basic navigation and tools within WordPress. Optimize website with theme and plugins. Write a blog post.

I was employed in the marketing industry as a project and content manager, so I've spent a lot of time managing the content creation process from start to finish, including the formatting and publication of it within WordPress. I've trained employees as well as clients on how to use WordPress. I also used it to build my own website from-scratch. These days, I write for a number of high-authority blogs on how to best use WordPress for personal and professional purposes.

Knowledge level


Other Skills


Brainstorming new topics. Outlining and preparing content…


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