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My name is Greg and I run Rincon Images with my partner Frances in Rincon, Puerto Rico. We built up our wedding photography business over the last 3 years here in Rincon with great success. I am happy to help people interested in improving their general as well as wedding photography skills.

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Wedding Photography

Wedding photography best practices, camera techniques, off-camera flash, lighting, client & vendor relations and workflow.

We built our wedding photography business up together over the last 3 years in a destination wedding location. We use lots of creative and different approaches to wedding photography to create an experience that gets our clients (and us) excited. I'm happy to help you with learning how to take certain types of photos you may have seen, using flash and off camera flash, flash modifiers, and other wedding photography specifics like ring shots, details, etc. I'm also happy to discuss client relations, workflow, and branding. To be a professional and reliable wedding photographer you must understand the technical specifics of photography, wedding best practices - backups, photo storage, etiquette, etc., and also proper business decisions. We are www.rinconimages.com you can also find us at facebook.com/rinconimages and instagram.com/rinconimages

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